Release Notes

The Phenomenon 1.1.0:
- Now supports gamepad, keyboard and mouse;
- The sight has been added for gamepad, keyboard and mouse;
- The sight can be enabled or disabled in the game options;
- Sensitivity may be changed in the game options;
- Effects of movement and rotation have been added;
- Tips have been changed;
- Package size has been decreased.​

The Phenomenon 1.1.1:
- Interface has a back button for devices without a physical back button;
- Effects now work for the interface;
- Button for the website has been added;
- Changed menu in game;
- Used new Unity 5.0.2 for building.

The Phenomenon 1.2.0:
- New paranormal entity has been added;
​ - Flashlight shows traces of creatures;
​ - The flashlight now needs charging;
​ - Maximum brightness has been decreased;
​ - Increased distance of hearing for The Nurse;
​ - All sounds are more 3D realistic;
​ - Some doors have been changed.

The Phenomenon 1.3.0:
​- The result screen shows hints;
​ - The Nurse stops closer to objectives;
​ - Flashlight works longer and charges faster;
​ - EMF Meter scans only on the line in front of the player;
​ - New third paranormal entity and two scary effects have been added;
​ - Paranormal entities have more realistic randomized behavior;
​ - All scary effects and all creatures help The Nurse to find the player;
​ - Ambiance has been changed;
​ - Traces of The Nurse lead to first objective;
​ ​- The Nurse appears after collection of the first object;
​ - More collected objectives make The Nurse smarter;
​ - Traces have been made more unique and more randomized for each paranormal entity;
​ - Volume of player’s steps has been increased;
​ - Rotation is now smoother;​
​ ​- Bug with traces between floors has been fixed;
​ ​- Used new Unity 5.1.2 for building.

The Phenomenon 1.4.0:
​- New room with laptops to use cameras;
​- Night vision cameras appear randomly;
​- Camera video has random glitches;
- Blocks have signs at entrances;​​
- Passages between blocks with new flasks’ spawns have been added;
​- Passages have fuse boxes; some work while others have sparks;
​- Rats randomly appear;
​- Wind randomly slams doors shut;
​- Light periodically flickers in the elevator;
​- The Girl is a new creature with teleportation ability;
​- The Girl and The Nurse can run and slam doors but can’t use stairs;
​- The Nurse’s abilities last for a shorter period of time and are used more often;
​- The Girl and The Nurse appear on different floors at the beginning;
​- Only The Girl and The Nurse leave traces when walking;
​- Traces have the shape of footsteps and colors close to purple;
​- The Flashlight now has ultraviolet mode for traces and rotates vertically;
- Player’s speed has been increased;
- Player’s hands shake;
- Player’s camera shakes when in motion;
- Rotation’s shake has been decreased;
- Top-down rotation has been increased;
- Child, demon, skull, and start traces have been removed;
​- Russian language is fully supported;
​- Language selection appears at the start of the game;
​- Main menu has episode selection and a new background;
​- Tips, plot, controls were added at the beginning of the first episode;
​- Description of device appears when selected the first time;
​- Options have been moved to the game pause screen;
​- The sight automatically enables/disables and has been removed from options;
​- Hints have been changed;
- Increased response time of controls;
​- New ambient has been added;
​- Improved graphics;
​- Used new Unity 5.3.3f1 for building.

The Phenomenon 1.5.0:
​- Real-time shadows and AA are now supported;
​- Improved lightning;
​- All localizations have been reworked;
- Spanish language is now supported;​​
- Whole UI has been reworked;
​- Barry’s thoughts have been added;
​- Motion detection has been added for laptops;
​- Paranormal entities close doors and react faster;
​- The second floor is locked now;
​- The room with laptops has been moved;
​- Flashlight model has been changed;
​- New objects - information panels;
​- New object - key card;
​- New hands behavior;
​- New feature - best result;
​- New feature - game saves;
- Unity Analytics has been integrated;
​- Used new Unity 5.5.2f1 for building.

The Phenomenon 1.5.2:
​- The bug with laptops has been fixed;
​- The bug with brightness has been fixed;
​- New additional menu controls;
- New advice has been added;
​- Brightness has been increased.

The Phenomenon 1.5.3:
- The bug with touch input on Windows devices has been fixed.

The Phenomenon 1.6.0:
​- Saves are still available now after Barry's death;
​- Options have been renamed to settings;
​- Resolution was added to settings;
- Settings are now available in the main menu too;​​
- Background in the main menu has been changed;
​- The new death screen;
​- Laptops with CCTV are now available for carrying;
​- New fully localized CCTV UI with map, player and paranormal activity;
​- Information panels are changed, randomized and fully localized now;
​- New non-disappearing subtitles for better understanding;
​- Hints from the result screen have been removed;
​- Barry has fully new thoughts with sound notification;
​- Description of laptops has been added;
​- Description of devices has been slightly changed;
​- Description always appear now, when a device is taken;
​- At the start, all devices are in the suitcase;
- The new more visible key card;
​- The elevator has been changed;
​​- The room with laptops has been changed;
- New hint was added to the controls screen;
​- Paranormal entities scream immediately, when player is spotted;
​- Message to the player was added;
​- Portrait orientation has been disabled due to resolution;
​- Bug with the left arm of player has been fixed;
- Bug with the font in information panels has been fixed;
​- Bug with the Xbox controller on Android has been fixed;
- Bug with the aiming icon has been fixed;
​- Used new Unity 2017.1.1f1 for building.

The Phenomenon 1.6.1:
​- Rate button has been fixed for iOS 11.

The Phenomenon 1.6.2:
​- The demo version has been changed to the lite version.

The Phenomenon 1.6.7:
​- The game is fully optimized for iPhone X/8/8+;
- Game screenshots with high scores have been added for sharing via social networks;
- The score system has been reworked;
- The player collider system has been reworked;
- The description windows for controls have been reworked;
- A worldwide leaderboard via Game Center(iOS)/Google Play Game(Android) has been added;
- Traces will show where paranormal entities stopped;
- Cutscenes’ text effects have been changed;
- An alarm clock has been added to the elevator;
- Barry now has 2 hours to complete all tasks;
- Barry’s thoughts have been slightly changed;
- Paranormal entities will spawn in predefined areas;
- The doors’ open volume and camera shutter have been decreased;
- The ending cutscene is non-skippable now;
- The lighting system has been slightly optimized;
- All UI images have been optimized;
- The bug when flasks don’t drop shadows has been fixed;
- The bug when controls descriptions appear in Russian after loading has been fixed;
- The bug when paranormal entities remain stuck in opening/closing loops on low-end devices has been fixed;
- The bug of ambiance volume disappearing after several loads has been fixed;
- In the Lite version, Barry can pay security guards;
- In the Lite version, the time limit has been removed;
- Used new Unity 2017.1.1f1 for building.

The Phenomenon 1.6.8:
- Used new Unity 2018.1.0f2 for building.

The Phenomenon 1.6.9:
- The high score unsync after game reinstallation on Android has been fixed;
- UI text sizes have been increased;
- UI overlapping on wide screens has been fixed;
- Used new Unity 2018.1.1f1 for building.

The Phenomenon 1.7.0:
- Used new Unity 2018.1.3f1 for building.

The Phenomenon 1.7.1:
- In-app rating has been added for iOs;
- Used new Unity 2018.1.4f1 for building.

The Phenomenon 1.7.2:
- In the Lite version, the pay system has been reworked;
- Used new Unity 2018.1.6f1 for building.

The Phenomenon 1.7.3
- In the Lite version, Yandex Ad has been removed for iOs.

The Phenomenon 1.7.4
- In the Lite version, the app icon has been changed;
- Used new Unity 2018.2.0f2 for building.

The Phenomenon 1.7.5
- The opening titles have been added;
- In the Lite version, the app icon has been changed.

The Phenomenon 1.7.7
- The privacy policy button has been added in the game’s start menu;
- A note about the empty saved data has been added;
- In the Lite version, game loading is available now too;
- In the Lite version, daily rewards have been added;
- The bug that appeared when the game was loading became available only after the game restart was fixed;
- Used new Unity 2018.2.18f1 for building.