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Release Notes

This extension requires one license per seat.

Everything works in Unity 5 or later, without Unity pro, even in previous versions of Unity, but painting using Unity Canvas is available for Unity 4.6 or later.

Dream Paint brings the power of 2D and 3D primitives. It makes painting easy, fast and flexible, using only one GPU draw call and is mobile friendly. This works in the game and Unity editor. It comes with full documentation, examples and demos.

Draw in 2D or in 3D space. Select points, lines, or the line pen. Connect all positions with shapes, using Catmull-Rom spline, quadratic Bezier, cubic Bezier curves, or draw ellipse, or rectangle etc. Change widths or add vertices colors, to use in your shader, beside supports shaders with normals and tangents. Fill line joins, using bevel, miter, round, and last filling. Add custom caps. Apply your own material. Make UV texture coordinates continuous, for continuous textures, or set a UV step or correct UV dissertation, caused by joins filling and widths. Draw segments as billboards. Brushes for painting or tiling images on a texture. Plus many more features.

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- Arthur Kokots.