Release Notes

Dream Paint 1.2.0:​
- The arrow by two points has been added;
- The double arrow by two points has been added;
- The cross has been added;
- The line path has been added;
- The curve path has been added;
- The grid has been added.

Dream Paint 1.3.0:
- User’s guide has been corrected before large update.

Dream Paint 2.0.0:
- Dream Drawing has been renamed to Dream Paint, and whole asset has been cardinally reworked.

Dream Paint 2.2.0:
- Dream Paint is divided now by Pen (not by Draw type, as before) with new create methods;
- No more worry about segments count, or need of setting them;
- Dream Paint class can have many shapes, they will be batched and use only one GPU Draw Call;
- Each shape will have its own index for easy manipulating;
- Methods have been increased , due level s of manipulating: shapes, segments, positions;
- Offset, Recreate, Destroy methods have been added;
- Many new shapes have been added, and easy custom shapes creation;
​- Documentation, examples have been changed, and new two big demos have been added;
- Dream Paint source code with comments, has been added;
- New methods and drawing using Unity 4.6 Canvas have been added;
​- Dream Paint now works with previous versions of Unity 4.6, but without Unity Canvas;
​- Added Dream A Star pathfinding solution, with documentation, used in one of the demos;
- Dream Paint Draw methods have useless loops auto protection, and changes investigation;
- Dream Paint Game2D and Game 3D renamed to Game, which works in 2D and 3D;
- Dream Paint GUI drawing has been renamed to Editor, which has only one Draw method now;
- Billboards segments have been added to all Draw methods;
- New Round type of joins have been added, now joins work in 3D space and have new conditions, for flexibility;
- Dream Paint error alerts now contains more information;
- Get methods were highly increased, for Dream Paint class safety;
- Caps became separate and Apply Materials method, too. Grab was renamed to Cap;
- UV correction corrects now width distortions, beside joins distortion.

Dream Paint 2.3.0:
- Points Pen has the new fourth type of drawing (Texture Type);
- Texture type has new Create, Draw, Brush Texture, Brush Image and Opacity methods;
- New Painter demo and examples for Texture type have been added;
- Points Pen methods (Calculation, UV, and Material) have new Not Texture ending;
- Canvas GameObjects have RectTransform by default now;
- New Get methods for RectTransform have been added;
- Implementation of Destroy method has been changed;
- Default material is “Unlit/Texture” now. It can be changed by user;
- User’s Guide has been changed;
- Everything works in Unity 5 or later, without Unity pro, even in previous versions of Unity, but painting using Unity Canvas is available for Unity 4.6 or later.